4 California Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

California is a huge state with many amazing cities and destinations. Whether you live in the state or just dream of seeing a town by the Pacific Ocean, one trip alone won’t do. Add these amazing cities and destinations to your travel bucket list.


Redding is a comparatively small California town with a population under 100,000. What makes this town special is all the amazing natural attractions you can visit. Here are a few of the wonders nearby:

  • Whiskeytown National Recreation Area: A national recreation area hosting Whiskeytown Lake, mountain peaks, and waterfalls.
  • Shasta-Trinity National Forest: An expansive national forest west of Redding.
  • Mt. Shasta: North of Redding, this is the fifth-highest peak in the state.
  • Lassen National Forest: A 1,700-square-mile national forest east of Redding,

In addition to these areas, go see the Sundial Bridge, tour the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, and visit Shasta State Historic Park.


Monterey is a gorgeous city in central California overlooking Monterey Bay. You can go whale watching and kayaking in these waters, and if you feel like staying on shore, you can enjoy attractions such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Many amazing hotels have views of the water, and nearby Pinnacles National Park is a mountainous area that’s also fantastic for sightseeing. Monterey is known for its many attractions along Cannery Row as well. Several quaint shops line these waterfront streets, and it’s also a good spot for wine tasting.

Finally, while you’re staying in Monterey, plan a drive down Highway 1. The scenery alone is worth the journey, but be sure to plan a stop at Big Sur. This is a quiet stretch of beaches nestled beneath the Santa Lucia Mountains.

San Francisco

If you can make a trip to San Francisco, plan on spending more than a day — there are dozens of things you’ll want to see and do. Add a few of these to your itinerary:

  • Golden Gate Bridge: Take a drive down scenic Golden Gate Bridge or go to one of the many popular areas offering incredible views of this wonder.
  • Golden Gate Park: Though this peninsula city is densely populated, a trip to Golden Gate Park’s 1,017 acres will give you some peace and quiet.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf: This area is legendary for its crab stalls, and you’ll even get to watch some sea lions.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles may not be the quietest place to visit, but it’s full of so many iconic sights and neighborhoods that it absolutely has to be on your travel bucket list. Plan for some shopping and dining in Downtown L.A., Beverly Hills, and Sunset Strip. The Hollywood sign is a must for a good photo op, and Santa Monica and the Venice Boardwalk are within a short drive. Disneyland is another top attraction worth at least one visit in your lifetime.

Each of these four cities is full of adventures waiting for you to discover. Plan your next trip, and enjoy crossing these destinations off your travel bucket list.