North Korea Will Keep Building Nuclear Arsenal, Warns U.S. and other Countries

North Korea’s U.N. ambassador said in Wednesday that his country will be making nuclear arsenal regardless any ban, pressure or military attack.

Kim In Ryong told the U.N. security council that the conflict between U.S. and North Korea has never come to this nuclear war close situation in more than 50 years, the tension uprises on the statement made by U.S. military which says largest ever ‘aggressive’ maneuver in South Korea in April and May.
He further more said since then, the United States has sent multiple B-1B nuclear bombers into South Korean airspace, deployed the THAAD anti-missile system in the country, issued new U.S. sanctions against North Korea, and spearheaded another U.N. sanctions resolution.

Addressing Trump he said that U.S. government is pointing an outdated ‘Hostile policy’. In his speech he complained that United States is improving and modernizing their nuclear weapons and missiles while other countries aren’t allowed  “to test or launch any object which goes with the words of nuclear or ballistic.”

“This is really the height of shameless arrogance, self-righteousness and double standards,” he said.
Accusing the United States on an attempt of retain military commandment he says “its dream of world domination,” Kim told the Korean people to defend their rights & sovereignty they must respond in kind.
A statement read at the council meeting by Spain’s U.N. ambassador, Roman Oyarzun Marchesi, on behalf of 51 countries that strongly oppose the spread of weapons of mass destruction condemns “proliferation in all possible forms by anyone” — and vows to “make every effort to prevent it.”

“In this connection, we condemn in the strongest terms the nuclear weapons and ballistic missile development activities conducted by the DPRK in flagrant violation of the Security Council’s resolutions,” said the statement, whose signatories include the United States and countries from Asia, Africa, the Mideast, Latin America and Europe.