The Most Suitable Color Choices for Your Wainscoting


Painting a home is one of the most effective ways to personalize it. Colors can speak your inner spirit and articulate your taste and feelings. Similarly, wainscoting is an architectural feature that can be a great display of your personal choice. Have you ever thought of combining these two elements as a ploy to attribute a character to a room?

The wainscoting is itself beautiful but it gets less attention when it comes to coloring it. Most of the times, we paint it in fresh white, which is beautiful nonetheless. But, you can treat them in so many ways with so many color options!


Well, there’s no way to rule it out because it’s a fail-safe option. Paint your accent wall wainscoting or wall panels with it and see how it helps to elaborate the style with its crisp polish and classic beauty.

Combine your white wainscoting decorations with colorful walls and accents and see how they become the focal point of the room with a bold, fresh look.

The classic charm of white paint color also does the job of tying various elements in a place together. It even does not clash with any other color scheme or style. Probably, these are the reasons for white being such a popular choice.

Soft Colors

There are plenty of soft colors that can be the perfect choice for your modern or classic wainscoting. Think of champagne, beige, light grey, baby blue, or some other lighter shades. They can tone down a strong color and prevent it from stealing the entire surface area.

You can even combine the soft-colored wainscoting with a neutral color on the walls. It is particularly useful if you to make the décor of a room look modern. The softer tone surrounded by black, white, or some other neutral colors attributes the place a contemporary edge. It’s also a great trick to make a wood-ridden place look modern instead of rustic. It will also work for simple moldings that you don’t want to underline much but to stand on their own with their simple beauty.

Bold Shades 

Nothing could be more suitable than a bold color to highlight a wainscoting wall paneling. It can instantly transform a place from boring to lively, and somewhat wild and enchanting. Choose a fresh, fun hue such as sunny yellow, sea green, emerald, or something similar to bring drama and excitement to a sedate room.

Remember that nothing is as personal as color. So, if you are a free-spirited person, express that personality by choosing to make the wainscoting look quirky and colorful.

You can also go with somewhat muted shades such as pastel or lilac shade. It won’t feel edgy for sure but will channel a charming, romantic vibe into the place.

Black Color

Black is a bold color but it is such a statement maker that it deserves a separate recognition. It’s a classic choice that has zero possibility to become obsolete. Whether you live in a modern home or in a Victorian residence, black can create its own place irrespective of the rest of the décor and color scheme.

Painting the wainscoting will create an elegant, high-fashion appeal. However, in that case, paint the rest of the walls and ceiling in a pale color. It will keep the place airy and allow the black feature to anchor the entire room together.


Choosing wooden panels for the wainscoting is a simple way to add texture to a place. You can bring many variations in the tone and finish of the panels, and thereby shape the appearance of the room the way you want.

In addition, wooden elements are an instant way to make a place inviting and welcoming. You even don’t need to add many decorative elements or install other wooden fixtures to create such a warm atmosphere. However, be careful not to put together more than three wood tones in the same room unless you are a fan of country or rustic style.