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Our Story

There was no bright, shining light on our path or an instant where we heard the voice of God. It was more like a growing of love and affection over a long period of time.

We began going on mission trips to Africa in 1996 when our dear friends and mentors, missionaries J.R. and Shirley Gould, extended an invitation to visit Kenya.

Love for missions work immediately took root in our hearts and a 20 year journey of leading teams to do overseas work began. Most of our trips have been return trips to Kenya and a couple of trips were to Timbuktu.

The first church Pastor Randy Joslin helped plant in Africa was in a village called Kagunduini, Kenya alongside Pastor Wachira Karani. That church still stands today and is successful in reaching their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Debbie Joslin began going on mission trips in 2008 when she and Pastor Randy took a team to Honduras. Her first trip to Kenya was in 2015 with a group from the Oasis Ministries in Farmington, New Mexico. It was on that trip that the Lord grew the call to missions in her heart. She preached at a Women’s Conference and on a Sunday morning in Nyeri, Kenya where many responded to the call to receive Jesus as Savior and to receive healing in their bodies.

It was during another trip to Kenya that Pastor Debbie took with Shirley Gould in 2016 that would become a pivotal point in the course of our missions work. On that landmark trip, Pastor Debbie met orphans in desperate need of care, shelter, food and support. We were invited to provide care for these orphans and a partnership has grown with the Kenya Assemblies of God pastors in that area.

Driving past Maasi village after Maasi village through the Great Rift Valley, after having visited the orphans and ministering at the Women’s Conference in Kilgoris, Kenya, Pastor Debbie says she had the sense that she was home. She says she had that “knowing” that this is what she was born to be doing and promised herself she would go home and pursue service to these beautiful people.

We are overwhelmed and grateful that Jesus would call us to love and serve the people of Kenya. Our adventure has just begun.

Pastors Randy and Debbie


Our Vision

Driving hopelessness out of communities in developing nations.


Our Mission

We will bring hope to communities through child sponsorships for orphaned children, training and equipping leaders in those communities, and providing spiritual encouragement through seminars, crusades, and outreach events presenting Jesus Christ as our source of hope.